About Us

Mission Statement

Hiawatha Valley Education District, in partnership with member districts, will be a progressive educational agency that embraces modern technology and effective data driven research-based methodologies and resources to provide a high quality education to all students so that they may reach their full potential.

Action Steps

  1. Through innovation, collaboration, and promotion of effective practices, Hiawatha Valley Education District supports students, their families, and educational staff.  Hiawatha Valley Education District is an educational service agency of choice for leading, teaching, and learning with a commitment to continuous improvement.
  2. Hiawatha Valley Education District will use a data driven, research-based problem solving model to support the needs and provide a high quality education to all students.
  3. Hiawatha Valley Education District will sustain momentum using research-based instruction for a full continuum of services to meet all learners’ needs in an efficient and effective manner.
  4. Hiawatha Valley Education District will lead high quality staff development for teaching and learning.

We deliver services through a cooperative concept of efficiency and economy while preserving local autonomy.  All of our educational services are provided to the districts on a collective and/or individual basis within the framework of policies set by the organization and applicable state and federal regulations.

It has been our primary purpose to supply our member school districts with administrative/managerial and study personnel (including related services) in Special Education. Other programs are developed through collective input from its member districts, including teachers, parents, students, and school administrators.

Our goal is to provide opportunity for learners with disabilities or at risk for underachievement so that they can be successful participants in society both now and in their adult lives. To accomplish its mission, we provide support and leadership:

  • by promoting meaningful participation in educational programs
  • by promoting the achievement of the students' individual educational goals
  • by promoting best practices that result in quality programs
  • by implementing new mandates

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