Intervention Resources

1. Is the intervention “research-based”?
a. Five criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of any instruction or intervention (Burns et al., 2008):

  • Correctly targets skills
  • Includes explicit instruction
  • Provides appropriate level of challenge
  • Allows high opportunity to respond
  • Gives students immediate feedback

Guide for using Burns criteria to evaluate effectiveness of instruction

b. Clearinghouses for reviewing research evidence supporting effectiveness of intervention program/curriculum, or method/strategy

HVED-Specific Intervention Programs/Curricula and Methods/Strategies

Intervention Programs/Curricula

Intervention Methods/Strategies

2. If so, is enough time being allocated to deliver the intervention as intended?

3. Were staff sufficiently trained initially to implement the intervention as intended?

4. Have staff received adequate followup refresher trainings to ensure they haven’t drifted in their implementation of the intervention?

5. Are periodic fidelity checks being conducted to monitor whether the intervention is being implemented as intended?

Intervention Integrity Resources

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