L3 EBD Program

Program Description

The River Valley Academy Level Three EBD program, sponsored by Hiawatha Valley Education District, provides programming for students with severe behavioral issues currently receiving special education services within their resident district.

The programming is designed to inspire and prepare all students with confidence, courage, and competence to achieve their dreams, contribute to the community, and engage in a lifetime of learning.

Students in the Level Three EBD program will be provided with instruction and support in the curriculum areas required by their resident district and Individual Education Plans. They will be allowed to make use appropriate instructional resources and technologies in the classroom while working on building skills both academically and behaviorally.

Entrance Guidelines

  • The student has a current IEP and Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) that documents the following process:
    • The case manager should contact the Behavior Intervention Specialist.
    • The Behavior Intervention Specialist must complete observations in the current setting and provide alternative behavior intervention strategies.
    • If these strategies are approved by the IEP team, they must be documented in the student’s BIP and implemented for a minimum of 30 school days.
    • If the intervention is not successful, as shown through outcome data, the case manager and Behavior Intervention Specialist may need to repeat the process with new intervention strategies for an additional minimum of 30 school days.
    • These strategies should be documented and implemented through a new BIP approved by the IEP team.
  • The student has a complete Evaluation Report (ER) and Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) written within the past 12 months.
  • The student is receiving continuum of services within the resident school district.
  • A consistent pattern of behavior is documented and included in the referral packet including discipline reports.

Required Paperwork for Entrance

  • Individual Education Plan (IEP) with BIP
  • Current Evaluation Report with FBA in the last 12 months
  • Documentation of Continuum of Services within the resident school district
  • Attendance and Discipline Reports
  • Current Transcript and Schedule
  • Medical Information (including primary doctor and current medications)

Contact information

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