Physical & Other Health Impaired

We work with students who have physical and/or health conditions that adversely affect their capacity for learning in the cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domains are to be provided equal educational opportunities in all school districts. In order to facilitate successful program planning for these students, a licensed teacher for the physically handicapped is required: one who will conduct and/or coordinate the necessary assessment and arrange for the due process requirements.

Assessment is done by a multidisciplinary team as individual needs dictate, including professionals such as a physical therapist, occupational therapist, school social worker, school nurse, speech clinician, psychologist, teachers, physicians, etc.  The primary focus is to enhance the student's educational growth and development.

Actual instruction may be provided by existing classroom teachers or by professionals selected from a variety of disciplines with consultation by a teacher of the physically handicapped.

Other activities that the teacher of the physically handicapped may be involved in include: inservicing school staff and peers about a student's disability and the implications in the school environment, assisting paraprofessionals and other staff members with encouraging independence in work completion, use of technology, adaptations of curricula, and development of appropriate peer interactions.



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