Audiology services are provided to all Hiawatha Valley Education District member schools plus the Preston-Harmony schools.  Services are provided to learners from 0 to 21 years of age with hearing levels from the normal range to profound hearing loss. Services include:

  • Assessment of hearing levels and needs
  • Monitoring of middle ear status and amplification equipment
  • Consultation with teachers, parents, administrators and others regarding the needs of learners with hearing loss.
  • Selection, orientation, and support for hearing aids and classroom amplification equipment.
  • Training and support of school personnel and parents in the use and maintenance of amplification and testing equipment.
  • Participation or input to teams developing IEP's for learners with, or affected by, hearing loss.
  • Provision of trial equipment for assessment or loaner equipment when breakdowns occur.
  • Support to hearing screening programs to ensure appropriate referrals are made.


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