Transition Services

Description of Services

HVED provides transition services focused on improving the academic and functional achievement of high school students with disabilities in order to facilitate their movement from school to post school activities. These services focus on the areas of:

  • postsecondary education,
  • employment and
  • independent living.

Transition Coordinators provide training and support to member district staff in meeting Indicator 13 & 14 requirements: 

  • transition assessment,
  • post secondary goals,
  • annual goals,
  • transition services,
  • courses of study coordinated activities,
  • self-determination and
  • interagency links. 

Transition Coordinators can meet individually with students to develop realistic post school goals, career preparation and planning.  Transition Coordinators educate and involve parents in transition planning.   Transition Coordinators assist district staff, students and families in identifying transition services provided by other agencies.


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